Mar. 30th, 2013

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Hello to all the people who are following this after the F!S friend-meme. Welcome, and I hope I can be at least mildly entertaining.
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I spent the last hour and a half role-playing a scenario in a D&D campaign that my girlfriend has been trying to run for the past several years. I have a doctor's appointment in less than four hours. Believe it or not, I'm not being totally irresponsible since I was asleep until 8pm yesterday trying to sleep off a migraine(I had the day off anyway), so I've been up for less than 12 hours. In any case, this kind of makes me want to play in a tabletop RPG. I should clearly try to revive the F!S RP group that kind of imploded from lack of GMs. Hell, I may even be finding the wherewithal to GM myself.

I've GMed before. I just haven't in a while due to mental health issues, and I've gotten really rusty; like to the point of no longer being able to write games. Also, anxiety over GMing/being in a position of authority/responsibility more generally. Still, running something online and making liberal use of pre-published adventures might make things possible. Maybe once I'm done with this pharmacy technician course...


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