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It's been awhile since I last posted, so here goes:

-I managed to get my meds resolved. Thank you, kenjari and cakemage.

-I've been temporarily lain off, which will be a lot less of a drag once unemployment kicks in. I'm having trouble finding ways to fill the time. I have all these vaguely creative things that I'd like to be doing, but I can't work myself up to doing them. I've had trouble working myself up to doing anything, but that's another thing.

-There's a job I applied for shortly before Christmas that I heard back from a few days ago when they sent me an official application to fill out. I assume this means they're interested. Whenever I think about it, I freak out a little, because the job sounds amazing, but that kind of makes me worry I won't be qualified. I found some resources hat have important things to know for the job that I've been studying, except for the last couple days, as my sleep cycle is really off-kilter.

-As just mentioned, My sleep cycle is WAY off-kilter. I've been alternating between sleeping for only a few hours and sleeping for like 12 hours. Some days I get up in the morning, some days I wake up around 5pm. I tried to reboot my circadian rhythm by stayinng up until the next night, but that did surprisingly little to realign things.

-Between depression and not having anywhere to be, I've been having trouble working myself to doing things. Working on my story, working on a game packet for Quest, hell, keeping the apartment and myself clean is proving to be a challenge.

So yeah, that's where things are.
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