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A lot has been going on this week. I started working a new shift (11:30 to 8 at night). My computer died (I've been borrowing Jackie's for basic things like e-mail and bitching on LJ). I started taking a class in preparation for certification as a pharmacy technician. As a result of the second, I have to stop participating in an online roleplaying game that I was just starting to get interested in and feel included in. I have the option of continuing to read the logs, letting the Storyteller know what my character is doing in the background, and coming back once my class ends, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Between all these changes, I feel like I'm barely holding myself together. I'm hoping that I'll adjust to these changes and that things will seem less crappy when I'm not in sleep-debt (I worked 10 hour days last week and there was a Quest game that weekend). On the plus side, I had an interview last Friday for a job that I feel like I have a decent chance of getting and that would exceed my most outlandish expectations (entering the job market during a recession and subsisting on minimum-wage work has a way of lowering one's expectations). I just need to try not to think about it until I hear back, and if I don't get it, there's still the pharmacy tech plan. Things are going to be okay, I'm just having trouble believing it.


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