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So, I had a phone interview today for a management trainee position. I was experiencing low-level anxiety all this week over it, so it was not surprising that I was incredibly nervous during the interview. It did not help that there were long spans of empty time where the interviewer was writing down my answers. There was also something about the tone of his voice that made me anxious. Jackie, who was in the room when I got the call, said my answers were good.

I hate that it seems the only jobs I've been able to find that want college grads are management/sales/marketing. I'm not nearly confident or extroverted enough for them. I'm not comfortable with having authority, I'm guaranteed to get hosed if I worked for commission, and while I might be good at marketing, I doubt I fit the marketing "type". The irritating thing is that I had been getting better at interviews and not being nervous. So much for that. At least this was a phone interview, so I don't have to have been the best, I just need to have been good enough to call back. Blergh.
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I had a phone interview this morning for a part-time lab tech position at a chemical engineering firm. It went surprisingly well. It helped that the person I spoke to told me I had a very strong resume. Who knew that my student job at the library would come in handy (book repair technician = steady hands)? Hopefully, I'll get called back for an in-person interview, which will have the advantage of not forcing me to go without visual social cues. On the other hand, I won't have my notes to go off of. I just need to remember that this is a job that I can do, and remain hopeful.


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